Year Nine

Module One: Where in the World?

Content: This module allows pupils to gain knowledge of some of the important political, human and physical features of the planet. Major lines of longitude and latitude such as the Tropics, Equator, GML and the International Dateline are all considered. Map skills are developed from the level reached by the end of Year Eight.

Module Two: Why are we living in an increasingly unequal World?

Content: Pupils will be expected to investigate the physical and human features of countries which give rise to distinctive characteristics and regional variety. During this module we would like pupils to think about far away places which have a very different lifestyle to us. Pupils will need to consider whether wealth is the only indicator of development.

Module Three: Why are environments fragile?

Content: In this unit the aim is to encourage a sense of wonder at the World around and to understand that many environments are fragile. Pupils will look at the tropical rainforest in depth but will also be encouraged to develop breadth by comparing this biome to other major biomes.

This module often proves to be something of a favourite amongst many Year Nine pupils. Time is spent identifying the characteristics and distribution of tropical rainforests around the World, with particular a focus on the fauna and flora which inhabit this fascinating ecosystem. 

Pupils will investigate how vegetation within the tropical rainforest ecosystem is strongly linked to climate and the many difficulties the rainforest ecosystem faces in an increasingly globalised twenty-first century. The issues of sustainable management of the rainforest run throughout the module, which prepares pupils for the GCSE course should they choose to continue their geographical education.

The module draws to a conclusion by teaching pupils to develop an empathy for the indigenous people of the rainforest through video analysis and awareness of the lives of  those who have inhabited the forest for many thousands of years. 

Module Four: How are our coastlines changing?


Module Five: Geography in the News

ContentThe final 6 weeks of Key Stage 3 are spent completing a project which constitutes part of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification completed by all Year Nine pupils. The project allows pupils to select a geographical news story, either contemporary or historical, and develop their understanding of the story within the geographical context which is situated. 

This end of year project again encourages independent learning amongst the Year Nine pupils and allows them a degree of flexibility in their choice of topic. recent projects have focused on the ‘Rwandan Genocide’ and the ‘Proposed Wind Farm in Mid-Wales’. These projects are subject to self, peer and teacher assessment to fully develop the content and techniques employed by each pupil. The projects are an enjoyable and academically challenging way for the pupils to complete their Key Stage Three study!

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