Year Eight

Module One: Where in Europe?

Content: This module seeks to consolidate the map skills that pupils have developed in Year Seven. Pupils are required to improve their knowledge and understanding of one particular continent; notably Europe. This knowledge will be focused on the locating of both physical and human features in Europe and an understanding of their importance to the construction of a ‘European Identity’.

Module Two: What is life like in the Mediterranean?

Content: During Module Two, pupils identify aspects of this diverse region which give rise to its distinctiveness. The focus of the module then centres around the country of Italy; its economy; its tourism and its physical geography. Pupils will be required to develop a comparison between the developed north and the underdeveloped south of the country. 

Module Three: What are natural hazards?

Content: Tectonic hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes are covered in this module as well as atmospheric dangers such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Pupils also spend time investigating the causes and effects of these hazards before finally discussing options for reducing their destruction and analysing case studies.

Module Four: What is tourism doing to our World?

Content: The final module in Year Eight centres around a field trip to Porthcawl which in turn results in a Decision Making Exercise. Pupils have the chance to develop investigative skills and evaluate their field work during the module by discussing the most sustainable methods of developing tourism in the Porthcawl region. Eco-tourism is also taught given its contemporary increase within the tourism industry.

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