The Geography Department consists of three full-time members of staff who share the teaching of all year groups. Each member of staff within the Department is assigned sub-roles to aid and assist in the smooth running of the Department and facilitate outstanding provision for all learners.

Mr. Gareth Battle       (Head of Department)

Roles within the Geography Department
  • TiC of Year Nine
  • GCSE Coordinator
  • Post 16 Coordinator
  • TiC of Developing geographical skills including ICT 
  • ITT mentor 
  • Learning Support Link
Why Geography?

Mr. Dirk Sykes          (Head of Sixth Form)

Roles within the Department

  • TiC of Year Eight  
  • GCSE Coordinator
  • Post 16 Coordinator
  • TiC of External Examinations
  • MAaT Link
  • TiC of International Links
Why Geography?

Mr. Rhys Foley       (Teacher of Geography and Travel and Tourism)

Roles within the DepartmentRhys Foley - Geography

  • TiC of Year Seven
  • GCSE Coordinator 
  • TiC of Eco-Schools and ESDGC 
  • MAaT Coordinator
  • Website Coordinator
Why Geography?

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