Key Stage Three consists of Year Seven, Eight and Nine. Pupils in these three year groups follow schemes of work based upon the National Curriculum, with a strong focus on the skills framework, literacy and numeracy and the use of incidental Welsh. The aim of the Geography Department is to progress pupils from local issues in Year Seven, to a more continental focus in Year Eight, before concluding Key Stage Three with a global focus in Year Nine.

All Key Stage Three pupils are encouraged to purchase an atlas to aid with the completion of homework. We also advise pupils to read around the subject, especially given the prevalence of Geography issues in the national media.

Currently lesson time is as follows:

Year Seven: 3 hours lesson time per fortnight

Year Eight: 2 hours lesson time per fortnight

Year Nine: 3 hours lesson time per fortnight

Please follow the links to learn more about the content of modules within the respective year groups and the requirements with regards to classwork and homework.

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